Earth Observation - Disruptive Technology and New Space

This is a short MOOC from ESA which consists of a series of interviews with leading experts across Earth Observation and related technologies. This MOOC also acts as an additional section for the 'Earth Observation from Space: The Optical View' MOOC.

The explosion in Earth Observation (EO) data from the Sentinel programme, a new generation of commercial satellites, and emerging constellations of small-sats, has created one of the greatest ‘big data’ challenges in the world today. In this course you will explore technologies such as AI, 3D data visualisation, cloud computing technologies and blockchain, and learn how they are meeting the needs of the ever growing data analytics and data navigation challenges in EO.

This short course now includes an extra module on how ESA is responding to the digital trends highlighted in previous modules, and the real-world impact emerging from ESA's Phi innovation strategy.

Course Content

Module 1 - AI, Big Data Analytics and Data Visualisation

  • 1a - AI, Big Data Analytics and Data Visualisation – Overview
  • 1b - Storytelling with data
  • 1c - The role of citizen science in Big Data Analytics
  • 1d - The view from business - more examples

Module 2 - The New 'Internet of Data'

  • 2a - The new 'Internet of Data' - Overview
  • 2b - New EO business models enabled by the cloud
  • 2c - Blockchain - enabling greater trust in the data
  • 2d - The scale of cloud-based processing and storage

Module 3 - EO – What Comes Next…

  • 3a - EO – What comes next… – Overview
  • 3b - Smart sensors and Space 4.0
  • 3c - Open data, collaboration and skills

Extra Module - Responding to Digital Trends (November 2019)

  • 4a - Innovation, innovation, innovation
  • 4b - Rise of AI - EO Data Applications
  • 4c - On-orbit AI & Edge Computing
  • 4d - Collaborating to Support EO Science in Society
  • 4e - Empowering the Next Generation of EO Innovators
  • 4f - The View From New Space - Embracing Space 4.0
Dr Iarla Kilbane-Dawe

Former Head of Φ-lab, ESA

Adrien Muller

Emerging Technologies Manager, Satellite Applications Catapult

Professor Bryan Lawrence

Professor of Weather and Climate Computing, University of Reading

Philip Briscoe

Chief Operating Officer, Rezatec

Omar Fayed

Co-founder/CEO, EarthX

Lyndon-Marc Adade

Chief Communications Officer, EarthX

Dr Steffen Fritz

Deputy Program Director of the Ecosystem Services and Management (ESM) Program, IIASA

Alexis Hannah Smith

CEO, IMGeospatial

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