Monitoring Climate From Space

Professor Martin Wooster

Professor of Earth Observation Science, KCL

Course Description

Satellite Earth Observation technology provides a powerful and compelling insight into climate change which can help to underpin climate policy, scientific research and public engagement. But how does this technology work, and how can it achieve the essential detail and comprehensive worldwide view that we need?

Join Lead Educator Professor Martin Wooster and leading climate experts such as Professor Konrad Steffen, Professor Anny Cazenave, Dr Stephen Briggs and Dr Emily Shuckburgh as they reveal the perspective provided by satellite Earth observation. The

Learning Outcomes
  • Interpret and use satellite Earth observation data used in monitoring climatic and environmental change
  • Assess how Earth observation data can be used in climate policy and decision making
  • Describe how satellite data is used to observe and measure the Earth
  • Describe how satellite Earth observation data is used in climate models

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who want to learn more about Earth observation, climate change and monitoring climate from space. The course can also help decision makers, policy makers, educators and communicators, to gain a better insight into how satellite data can help them assess the state of our climate and its changes, in order to support climate science, and adaptation and mitigation decisions.

(This course was also previously available via the FutureLearn platform here)

Professor Martin Wooster

Professor of Earth Observation Science, KCL

Professor Andrew Shepherd

Professor of Earth Observation, University of Leeds

Professor Mathias Disney

Professor of Remote Sensing, UCL

Dr Emily Shuckburgh

Climate scientist, BAS

Professor Alan O’Neill

Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, University of Reading

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